Hydraulic kit 3-axle rear tipper with cylinder and pump 349.00 €

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Hydraulic set forH interkipper consisting of: Telescopic cylinder, hydraulic pump with brushless motor, brushless controller, scale-look hydraulic tank with tank holder, hose. Dimensions: Telescopic cylinders: Lifting capacity approx. 30kg. Stroke: 74mm, length extended: 143mm, length retracted: 69mm, Diameter: base cylinder: 34mm. Stage1: 21mm, Stage2: 15mm, Stage3: 9mm, Eye: 8.1mm Hydraulic connection M5 to 4mm hose. Wide cylinder mounting 57.8mm M3. Pump: Length without connections: 63.4mm, width 35mm, height: 35mm, width with mounting bracket: 59mm 4xM3 Hydraulic connection M5 to 4mm hose. 7.4-11.1V, about 20bar Tank: Width: 85mm, height: 52mm, depth: 52mm. Tank Holder: 54x54x9mm


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