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JXModel is a new brand at thicon-models, which produces inexpensive model kits from full metal on a scale of 1:14. The cabs are e.g. made of aluminum and the doors can be opened. Ideal for beginners and advanced users. 

Article number: 90009
Catalog TW-05 thicon-models / WEDICO-models DE
Discover the entire thicon and WEDICO models range 2021-2022 in a...
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Article number: 52034
Personnel cage made of metal for loading crane
High-quality metal basket painted red. Thanks to a suspension with ball...
139.95 € Article is in stock
Article number: 52035
Telescopic hanger Multifunctional for loading crane
Multifunctional telescopic hanger made of unpainted stainless steel with...
139.95 € Article is in stock
Article number: 52036
Telescopic hanger for loading crane
Telescopic hanger made of stainless steel, unpainted. The crane beam can be...
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Article number: 52037
1:14 radio control station for loading crane
Radio control station for loading crane. Original decoration that should not...
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