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The new backhoe loader BL71 is a technical masterpiece from LESU! The basic track gate with all-wheel drive is in itself a highlight on a scale of 1:14, but a track gate with front loader and rear excavator has never been mass-produced!

The hydraulic front loader has a folding shovel and a folding pallet fork. In addition to a stable support, the excavator at the rear has a swivel radius of 180° and can therefore get into every corner. The entire excavator arm can move back and forth via a precise liner slide with a spindle on the stern! But the real eye-catcher is the swiveling driver's seat! As in the original, the driver can swivel from the front to the rear. The steering is hydraulic.

Of course, the backhoe loader is made entirely of metal and comes fully assembled and painted with sound, light and hydraulics. You only need a 17-channel remote control, battery and hydraulic oil.

The following functions are available:

  • Drive
  • Steering hydraulic
  • Differential lock
  • Raise the front loader
  • Tilt the front loader bucket
  • Open front loader shovel
  • Hydraulic switching from front loader to excavator
  • support
  • Excavator arm1
  • excavator arm2
  • excavator bucket
  • Swivel excavator arm
  • Move excavator linearly
  • Rotate driver's seat
  • light
  • Indicator
  • engine sound
  • horn
  • All-round light with 7 functions

Under the order number 58910 we also offer the backhoe loader completely ready to drive with the new Paladain PL18EV 4D remote control.

Dimensions: Length: 513mm, width: 196mm, height: 283mm Length excavator: 477mm, height excavator: 416mm Height of lower edge of shovel: 255mm Weight: about 7600g Hydraulics: Pressure: 0-30bar adjustable Operating voltage: 7.4V

Delivery: Backhoe loader fully assembled and painted in yellow/grey, hydraulic system, sound module and lighting system with LEDs

Necessary for operation: Hydraulic oil, 7.4V battery, remote control with at least 17 channels and receiver.

Delivery only possible on a Euro pallet with a forwarding agent for EUR 129. Or pick up in Essen free of charge with detailed instruction on the model!


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