Battery 11.1V 4.2Ah LiIon with AMP and protection electronic 119.95 €

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The battery revolution in truck model construction!

The new WEDICO-models battery is extremely small, lightweight and still offers maximum performance with up to 4200mAh! And all without having to use a special charger. Our battery has a built-in protection electronics that protects the battery and your model. When charging the WEDICO battery, the internal electronics automatically equalize the cell voltage. Thus you do not need a separate balancer when loading. To load just use a LiPo program and disable the balancer. In the model, the battery automatically shuts off in the event of undervoltage, thereby protecting itself from damage caused by deep draining.

Also suitable for construction machinery. Please pay attention to the current load on hydraulic systems!

Technical specifications: 15A continuous discharge, 20A short time, connection cable: AMP socket 95mm long.

Dimensions: 72x52x34mm 204g

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